Friday, 28 August 2009

Chobe Waterways

The Chobe Rivers provides the border line between Botswana & Namibia before flowing into the Zambezi.

The water is greeny brown, dark but smooth. The only interruption in its cover is small waves produced by the many tourist boats swarming to find wildlife on its banks. Hippos break the surface now and then but we do not get near. They watch us, their eyes only fractionally above the water line before disapearing again.

In the water tiny white fresh water jelly fish go about their business. There are many of them.

In the sky, a fish Eagle swoops down and into a tree, following the cries of its mate.

The wildlife is plentiful. Crocodiles bask in the sun, hippos appear both on land and in the water. A herd of elephants slowly approach the banks. A
cormorant sits with its wings outstretched striking a perfect pose for eager photographers.

A crocodile knocks our metal boat, the splash is large and a dent is left, the sound of the collision rings through the air.

We glide along the river, eagerly looking out for anything new. The wind breezes by, refreshing and warm. The sound of the engine and waves lapping accompany the sights that we see.

In the distance is Namibia. This is where the sun is setting, with wildebeests silhouetted in the foreground. With a orange wake the sun sinks lower until all that is left is a blood red glow.

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