Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Choosing an Arena

Where to start, where to start?

My original idea was an arena focusing around transport. I liked the idea of a form of transport as an arena in itself, travelling overland and interacting with many other external arenas/locations.

Looking into this I realised I was probably aiming a little too high, that whilst it may be a good idea on paper the practicality of it was not. I needed something that was appealing to me, I've always found it is hard to be creative if something did not inspire you, but the thought of a moving arena interacting with many external ones really made me curious and keen to find something.

So, I looked around various tour companies and found one or two of particular interest. After emailing them I held my breath and prayed that someone could help me out.

In the meantime I looked at various other modes of transport as a backup plan, which it never hurts to have. I visited Swanage Railway and other locations but this overland arena kept leaping back to the forefront of my mind, only for me to keep extinguishing the idea with little hope someone could help.

Imagine my surprise when Acacia Africa, an overland tour company emailed me back offering me a place on an overland tour in Southern Africa for 10 days!

A simple email which set me on my way to the moving arena I had hoped for, surrounded by the most varied and fascinating external arenas I could have imagined!

Thank you Acacia!

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