Monday, 21 September 2009

The Delta from the Air

Flying over the Okavango Delta in a light aircraft.

Managed to get this clip and photos before I had to concentrate on not being air sick!

Map of the Delta

Maun Airport

View of the Delta

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Script Outline

Initial Outline:

Seven people, of different ages and backgrounds, are on day three of their overland tour through Southern Africa. So far, the journey has been adventurous but constantly on the move, until they reach one of the tours highlights, a two night bush camp in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, a beautiful and remote location.

Travelling by mokoro, a traditional Botswanan boat, they encounter the Delta for the first time. But it is only when they reach the camp they realise the uniqueness of the location and they get a chance to slow down, getting to know more about each other and themselves.

As they enjoy early morning wilderness walks and evening mokoro rides, each member reflects on their lives or attempt to battle with their demons, no matter how large or small. For all, the Delta allows them to change, whether it’s dealing with anxiety, loss or even just being able use the ‘bush’ toilet!

After only one day changes can be seen, brought about by the Deltas calming environment and influenced subtly by their tour guide & mokoro polers. On the mokoro ride back they sit back, each one leaving different in some way to when they first arrived.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Voices from the Delta

A sound recording from the last night at our bush camp. They polers were kind enough to sing for us, there were only 5 of them singing but the voices rang out across the Delta.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Where next? Script ideas...

After quite an adventure my mind is full of stories and ideas for feature films and documentaries, which I will pursue in the future but in the meantime my focus is this 30 minute screenplay originating from my observational research.

I have discussed the original idea of the bus as an arena interacting with external arenas but must admit since conducting my research my focus has shifted. I had been toying with the idea of using the bus to anchor my story, thus allowing me to use two or three extraordinary external locations.....namely Victoria Falls, Chobe River and the Delta, but have decided that it would be too much for a 30 minute script and not allow sufficient scope to really look at the arenas individually.

Therefore I have decided to focus on the most unique location of the three, the Okavango Delta and the bush camp. The location has such unusual atmospheric qualities. I have sound recordings, videos and photos to support my observational notes.

Though a little reluctant to stray from my original idea I can see how this one has plenty of potential and will be more suitable overall. I will enjoy really focusing on this arena.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Journey through Africa

An video outline of my 12 day journey through South Africa, Botswana & Zambia with Acacia African Adventures - August 2009.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Mode of transport as an Arena vs. external Arenas

My intention with this choice of Arena was to specifically focus on a form of transport as an Arena, which in turn interacted with many different external arenas that was encountered on the overland tour through Southern Africa.

Most the time our location was the mini bus, however in 10 days we travelled over 3,500km in various different modes of travel; Jumbo Jet, Light Plane, Microlight, Ferry, River Raft, Mokoros, Boat, Walking, Overland Safari Vehicles and so forth.

Each mode of transport/internal arena had its own character and rhythm, but despite my original choice to focus on the main tour bus travel, I found myself constantly drawn to the Waterways as arenas.

The tour itself focuses around 3 main waterways; Victoria Falls & the Mighty Zambezi River, Chobe River and finally, the Okavango Delta, each arena unique. The above three still included 3 distinct modes of transport, Rafting, Boat & Mokoro (a traditional Botswanan boat).

So, as shown in previous posts, I conducted as much Observational Research based around these three waterways as possible, seeing them at different times of the day and experiencing them by land, water and air.

I feel each of these three locations have plenty of potential for creating stories, the only problem I have now is I have many ideas for different screenplays for each of the locations! Africa is definitely a place to inspire you. Now to take another look over my many notes, sound recordings, photos and observations and narrow down which idea I would like to choose....this could take a while!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

I'm back!

Africa. A country of colours and contrast, of sights and sounds. What a place to use for an arena for my observational research.

It is a magical land which inspires the creative side in all who witness its splendours.

What an adventure the past 12 days have been. Now to look over my many notes, recordings, photos & videos and start the outline for my 30 minute script.