Saturday, 5 September 2009

Mode of transport as an Arena vs. external Arenas

My intention with this choice of Arena was to specifically focus on a form of transport as an Arena, which in turn interacted with many different external arenas that was encountered on the overland tour through Southern Africa.

Most the time our location was the mini bus, however in 10 days we travelled over 3,500km in various different modes of travel; Jumbo Jet, Light Plane, Microlight, Ferry, River Raft, Mokoros, Boat, Walking, Overland Safari Vehicles and so forth.

Each mode of transport/internal arena had its own character and rhythm, but despite my original choice to focus on the main tour bus travel, I found myself constantly drawn to the Waterways as arenas.

The tour itself focuses around 3 main waterways; Victoria Falls & the Mighty Zambezi River, Chobe River and finally, the Okavango Delta, each arena unique. The above three still included 3 distinct modes of transport, Rafting, Boat & Mokoro (a traditional Botswanan boat).

So, as shown in previous posts, I conducted as much Observational Research based around these three waterways as possible, seeing them at different times of the day and experiencing them by land, water and air.

I feel each of these three locations have plenty of potential for creating stories, the only problem I have now is I have many ideas for different screenplays for each of the locations! Africa is definitely a place to inspire you. Now to take another look over my many notes, sound recordings, photos and observations and narrow down which idea I would like to choose....this could take a while!

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