Sunday, 13 September 2009

Script Outline

Initial Outline:

Seven people, of different ages and backgrounds, are on day three of their overland tour through Southern Africa. So far, the journey has been adventurous but constantly on the move, until they reach one of the tours highlights, a two night bush camp in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, a beautiful and remote location.

Travelling by mokoro, a traditional Botswanan boat, they encounter the Delta for the first time. But it is only when they reach the camp they realise the uniqueness of the location and they get a chance to slow down, getting to know more about each other and themselves.

As they enjoy early morning wilderness walks and evening mokoro rides, each member reflects on their lives or attempt to battle with their demons, no matter how large or small. For all, the Delta allows them to change, whether it’s dealing with anxiety, loss or even just being able use the ‘bush’ toilet!

After only one day changes can be seen, brought about by the Deltas calming environment and influenced subtly by their tour guide & mokoro polers. On the mokoro ride back they sit back, each one leaving different in some way to when they first arrived.

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