Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Where next? Script ideas...

After quite an adventure my mind is full of stories and ideas for feature films and documentaries, which I will pursue in the future but in the meantime my focus is this 30 minute screenplay originating from my observational research.

I have discussed the original idea of the bus as an arena interacting with external arenas but must admit since conducting my research my focus has shifted. I had been toying with the idea of using the bus to anchor my story, thus allowing me to use two or three extraordinary external locations.....namely Victoria Falls, Chobe River and the Delta, but have decided that it would be too much for a 30 minute script and not allow sufficient scope to really look at the arenas individually.

Therefore I have decided to focus on the most unique location of the three, the Okavango Delta and the bush camp. The location has such unusual atmospheric qualities. I have sound recordings, videos and photos to support my observational notes.

Though a little reluctant to stray from my original idea I can see how this one has plenty of potential and will be more suitable overall. I will enjoy really focusing on this arena.

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