Friday, 30 October 2009


Whilst looking at my 3 main characters I find it interesting to find parallels between them and certain wild animals found in the Delta.

Sam, with his stubborness and direct way reminds me of the buffalo, the deadliest animal in Africa. The buffalo is known for the fact that unlike ma
ny other animal, does not give a warning charge. You come across them and they go straight for you. The buffalo does not look dangerous and reacts. Sam, with his wild untamable black hair is very much like this. He doesn't think about what he does and his actions nearly causes tradegy. It is only then he realises what could have happened and that his actions can have serious consequences.

George reminds me of an old lone African Elpehant. He is graceful and refined, but prone to speak his mind if provoked. He is not dangerous but can give a scare and warning charge is needed. This will be shown with how he acts with Sam. George is very moral and traditional.

Lexie, niave and homesick reminds me of a combinations of wild animals. Her strong family connection is common in the wild with many animals. Her curiousity is like a naive
lion cub. She is an interesting mix.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

After Tutorial - Treatment discussion

After my tutorial I have decided to focus on my three main characters:

Lexie, 18 -20 years old
George, 64 years old
Sam, 21-24 years old

Over the next few weeks I need to really look at these characters and think about their background, how they would behave, act and feel and their character development.

There are other minor problems with the treatment, mostly structural which I am working on but overall pleased with the use of arena.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Character Ensemble - Does it work?

Looking at my outline and script ideas I have a group of seven tourists and my script focuses on them. The intention is to have each character change in some way, whether is small or big, as a result of being in the unique environment of the Delta.

However whilst writing my treatment, though I'd like to do an ensemble piece it seems to cover all 7 characters doesn't allow much space for proper character development.

Until my tutorial I am going to experiment on which characters I think work best and have more story potential.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Script Opening Montage

I am using raw material from my arena to generate ideas for my opening montage and opening scenes. Above is a selection of videos of the Mokoro ride to the Bush Camp.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Resources - Observational Research

I've been playing around with my script ideas and characters and so forth and am finding that the numerous sound clips, videos, observational notes and photos very useful indeed!

Naturally my script will be derived from my research but I'm trying to be careful not to let it become too much like my own experinces out in Africa.

Non the less, when trying to capture the essence and personality of the arena these tools have been very useful even by simply having the sound clips playing in the background to get my mind going.

I find that I am more creative and write best when listening to relevant music. Odd, but true.