Friday, 30 October 2009


Whilst looking at my 3 main characters I find it interesting to find parallels between them and certain wild animals found in the Delta.

Sam, with his stubborness and direct way reminds me of the buffalo, the deadliest animal in Africa. The buffalo is known for the fact that unlike ma
ny other animal, does not give a warning charge. You come across them and they go straight for you. The buffalo does not look dangerous and reacts. Sam, with his wild untamable black hair is very much like this. He doesn't think about what he does and his actions nearly causes tradegy. It is only then he realises what could have happened and that his actions can have serious consequences.

George reminds me of an old lone African Elpehant. He is graceful and refined, but prone to speak his mind if provoked. He is not dangerous but can give a scare and warning charge is needed. This will be shown with how he acts with Sam. George is very moral and traditional.

Lexie, niave and homesick reminds me of a combinations of wild animals. Her strong family connection is common in the wild with many animals. Her curiousity is like a naive
lion cub. She is an interesting mix.

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