Saturday, 12 December 2009

Unit 1 Complete - Delta Rain

Choosing a script title is never easy for me. I can think for months and months and nothing. But I find that when one comes along, it is just right and I am happy with it.

Finding a title for this script was the same and it was only after 4 months I was able to find one which was just right.

Delta Rain

This title was symbolic in many ways relating to the location, the conflicts between characters.

Also because when a rain drop falls into water it creates the ripple, which is symbolic to the actions of each character affecting the others in the arena, having a knock on effect. Rain is quite unusual in the Delta, a conflict to what is natural in the Delta, just like the tourists who so often visit this unique location.

So there it is, the title to my 30 minute script - Delta Rain.

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